How Beautiful to Know (Original) by Bonzai Melo

A good day to give thanks to the Lord for nothing can separate us from His love that is through Jesus Christ.#worship #Jesus

“How Beautiful to Know©”
Music/Lyrics: Bonzai Atienza-Melo
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Into the Deepest (Original) by Bonzai Melo

Just enjoying one bright breezy blessed morning of worship at home today with a piece I wrote a year ago.

Into the Deepest (Original)©
Music/Lyrics: Bonzai Atienza-Melo
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Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song

Finally, I got to post one of my bliss lists and from here it will be in no particular order! And it took this long, I know. Sorry. A lot has been going on for a while and I couldn’t really find time but what matters most is that I was still able to MAKE TIME for it, right? So, yeah. Without further ado, here goes Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song.

No Greater Love (Original)

This here is by far the clearest of my original songs that I’ve ever recorded – so far. It’s entitled No Greater Love, I wrote it in reference to Paul’s letter to the Philippians Chapter 4. Basically, it’s how we are able to endure anything at any circumstance in any point in life through the Lord Jesus Christ and His undying love for us.

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A New-found Reason to Run

I am not a big fan of Cardio myself, particularly running, because for one thing I am neither a marathon runner nor have I attempted to join in one – well, not yet (not until this one).

However, aside from the fact that it really is a form of an ironic de-stresser, (an activity which seems apparently exhausting BUT rids off stress-caused fatigue, go figure), it creates a sense of freedom in a runner, well, at least that is to my opinion.

More than a year ago, I was literally heavy for my height weighing around 145 lbs. As of today, I lost not so much but 22 lbs through dedicated work-out (am now 123 lbs. FYI, am big-boned). Sadly, to my surprise, I lost the motivation that I once had. So, yep, today I decided to run again after a long while – without a concrete motivation.

With my mp3-headgear on, I jogged around the oval running track at the Batangas Coliseum (which was a bit disappointing ‘coz I was already exhausted after only 5 laps).

For some reasons, although I wasn’t exactly alone, (with the fact that there were actually a lot of unfamiliar faces who came to jog, play soccer, etc.) I felt as if I was. Suddenly, self-argumentative thoughts came into mind and started to validate the impression that I was doing a rather pointless thing,

My thoughts were, “So you’re running to get yourself a good rest? That’s clever. You’re still serious about this?”

The thought of “me running” felt as if it was a life’s metaphor – mine for that matter. I was practically going around in circles. I literally had no direction. Dusk was already setting in.

It felt as if I was running away to steer myself away from past hurts and disappointments. Fear became my motivation to run… away, that is.

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Intro to Self

It took me days to decide on what my first post would be (haha). Truth is, I was torn between making a painstaking introduction of myself and, well, not making one at all.

For the first few days, all I could think of was “blah” and “zilch” but then the thought hit me hard right under my slightly masculine-featured jaw, “Is that really how I see myself? Blah? Zilch?

For a moment I felt incredibly silly that I could not even squeeze anything out of my coconuts, anything to help me write a short life account about myself.

Minor paranoia kicks in and automatically presses the fast-forward button located right on the ingenious side of my brain – the visuals produced say that my blogging ambition is doomed to failure JUST BECAUSE I couldn’t write anything ABOUT ME. Oh, boy.

My hands and feet started to get a bit damp and cold. My already low-tolerance for the cold weather exacerbates as I alone am dousing in this air-conditioned room, no warm-blooded comrades to share the cold with; my breathing, heavy. This is me exaggerating my frustrations of creating a Blog introduction. All I could think of at the moment was to pacify the anxiety. What could be the problem? That, I was about to discover.

As I grabbed the coffee cup that I regularly use at work (it’s overly designed with cutie prints, i.e. hearts, strawberries, and shockingly ginormous flower doodles – yes, it’s so not me nor is the cup mine, no offense) I gestured for a gulp and eventually see this rather scandalous and dreadful sight – Continue reading