To Love is Best During the Worst of Times

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No matter how much we think we already know, a lifetime’s still not enough for us to discover everything that’s underneath, above and beyond us. Would a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth know what it’s like to toil under the sun? Same as would the poor ever know the emptiness of someone who already has everything but still longs for genuine happiness that no money could ever buy? Point is, everyone has their own struggle, it only varies according to what state in life each one’s been brought up in.

We’ve been in an endless pursuit of seeking equality among our different views for too long. People won’t always agree with one another – heck, we barely do.  We take offense at each other,  and sometimes, things just even get worse as we tend to fan the flame rather than to put it out.

I think it’s about time that we should know better than to fight over the things that will never be the same as the other.

We are diverse, that is what we are and maybe the only thing that is constant about us.

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Memories of my Childhood: Sunsets and the Kid in Me

I used to walk home from school and see this open landscape of rose and crimson skies with thin gold and silver linings from the parting sun. I was very young and those episodes of sunset always seemed to take my breath away. And now as a grown-up I came across the same view yesterday and it…
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Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song

Finally, I got to post one of my bliss lists and from here it will be in no particular order! And it took this long, I know. Sorry. A lot has been going on for a while and I couldn’t really find time but what matters most is that I was still able to MAKE TIME for it, right? So, yeah. Without further ado, here goes Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song.

No Greater Love (Original)

This here is by far the clearest of my original songs that I’ve ever recorded – so far. It’s entitled No Greater Love, I wrote it in reference to Paul’s letter to the Philippians Chapter 4. Basically, it’s how we are able to endure anything at any circumstance in any point in life through the Lord Jesus Christ and His undying love for us.

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