Our 1st Fun Run: 5K Color Blast Fun Run 2014

Pardon me for another throwback (May 2014). 🙂

My kind of running is sorta like a me-time for me. Wearing my favorite kicks while pumped up with a favorite playlist is enough to sustain a good cardio. However, I realized that I have to get out of my comfort zone from time to time and maybe do stuffs that I might regret not doing in this lifetime. As for me, this experience was one of them, but I’m just glad I was with this guy

First Color Fun Run with the husband. <3

                                         First Color Fun Run with the husband.

But to be totally honest, at first I had a list of what made me feel sorta challengingly uncomfortable. Here’s why:

  1. We had to get up as early as early as 4 in the morning since the assembly was at 5 in front of SM Batangas. Don’t get me wrong, I lo-ho-hove breakfast but really am not a morning kind of person. Although, I could work on that one.
  2. We “had” to mingle with complete strangers and like smile back at them and whatever while colored powders and water were being thrown and sprayed at the crowd. I’m very much of an introvert that this made me feel quite uncomfy at first. But yeah, we got through it and I gotta say, it was indeed “fun”.
  3. Route was 5km from SM Batangas to Sampaga and back. You get your share of water and a nifty Nestea tumbler by the time you get to the half of the 5km (as far as I could remember).
  4. Unlike running in circles around the oval-track where we usually do, I had to mind MANY things. I, from time to time, had to mind how I ran (literally), how my pacing was and how I was doing. I was secretly getting anxious over a series of embarrassing what-could-be’s in mind that made me cringe a little all the while. Yep, the perks of joining at fun runs, you can’t afford to look like a goofball who trips over his/her own shoelaces.
  5. I was more concerned that I might get way behind the crowd than the time-limit itself (although, the time was more than enough). I was sort of minding if there were still some people behind me then I realized I wasn’t that far behind since there were still plenty of those who were not halfway 5km on my way back.
  6. Albeit having my husband with me, we chose to not keep up with each other. We were alright with it, though. Of course, he got in first.

                                                      Almost halfway there!

                                                 5km finisher couple

All in all, it was a life changing experience. I made it to the finish line in like 42 minutes or so, hubby got in at 20 to 30 something minutes. Err, not bad for newbies, right?

bonzai sign

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