Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song

Finally, I got to post one of my bliss lists and from here it will be in no particular order! And it took this long, I know. Sorry. A lot has been going on for a while and I couldn’t really find time but what matters most is that I was still able to MAKE TIME for it, right? So, yeah. Without further ado, here goes Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song.

No Greater Love (Original)

This here is by far the clearest of my original songs that I’ve ever recorded – so far. It’s entitled No Greater Love, I wrote it in reference to Paul’s letter to the Philippians Chapter 4. Basically, it’s how we are able to endure anything at any circumstance in any point in life through the Lord Jesus Christ and His undying love for us.

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Music: A huge part of my Life 

Music has been a part my life ever since I could hardly remember. My mom and dad are both very, very, very fond of music during their years together; my mom was quite a very good singer (and a lot of people can attest to it) and my dad actually could sing well, too, and could play both the guitar and the piano.

At a very young age, both my sisters and I willingly surrendered our hearts to music. Growing up, we learned to play musical instruments of our own choices and even played together as a band. Ate Mitch, the eldest, although having been introduced initially to piano and could play well, too, became fonder of guitars and have mastered it very well. Ate Duan, the middle, was natural as a drummer. Self-taught and became really very good at it. I, although have a heart for guitars and could play just about the average, have found myself more liberated and endowed at playing the piano. And no, I really can’t read notes.

Both my sisters were natural at singing and could belt like crazy (at that, I kinda envy them). As for me, well, I’m no “belter” nor could I sing well more than a few of the songs that my siblings could sing to naturally. It always made me think of myself as latak (or residue) among us three siblings as far as acquiring musical genes from our parents is concerned. Boohoo. no, not really. I’m quite pleased about me being a “no-belter”, actually. Love thyself, they say.

My Inspiration

Let’s just say, having a weak voice quality is what drove me to my journey in writing songs which I am comfortable with.

I officially started writing songs since I was 12 (or even younger) and now have more than a dozen of unsung/unheard pieces inside an old chest, figuratively speaking. Basically, I write songs of love and its peculiarities, inspirational songs and also about my faith in God and His total awesomeness.

Having a personal relationship with Jesus at quite a young age has influenced most of my writings, especially during rough and tough times. Just to get things straight, I’m no “little miss religious” and have actually done quite a lot of stupid things which I could never be proud of, but knowing of Jesus and the fact that despite my imperfections He still and will always love me more than anyone could ever – now that’s my INSPIRATION. And besides, using the gift He gave me for His glory, no matter how “weak” my voice may be, is just one of the few things that I can do to thank Him truly.

Bliss list # 5, check! So far, so good!

How about you, how far have you gone with your bliss list?

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