Everyone’s Happy

On three, let’s play pretend

You smile, I smile, everyone’s happy

Let’s take a snap of it, too, shall we? *click

Before we snap out of this fabricated “you + me”

You know what? Let’s put a caption, too, shall we?

a perfect world –

What a perfect lie, what twisted words

If only they could see just how cold you are to me

But you know what they say,

When in Rome, do what the Romans do

Play by the rules of this sick social loo

So we can get more of those cringe-worthy LIKES

Ugh, my stomach churns from these swallowed lies

Funny how our faces aren’t showing signs

‘Coz we both know well what this means,

So on three, again, let’s play pretend,

one, two, three, smile!

for Pete’s sake, smile, so everyone’s happy.


***disclaimer: Not everything I write is about me or my life. Some are simply fictitious or are plainly inspired by social issues that stir my interest.

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