bonzaibrew ABOut characterWelcome brewers!

Most of what you’ll read here at Bonzai Brew are just plain feel-good reads which’re conceived from the bits and pieces of my own thoughts and ideas, especially during fine caffeinated moments. So don’t worry, no heavy drama here whatsoever.

By the way, most of the doodle/cartoon designs that you’ll see here (e.g. the header and background images and this guy here at the right) are actually my son’s original drawings when he was still 4, then digitized by yours truly.


Here, you’ll read about:

– my life and the random being that I am;

– my relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior;

– my lovehate relationship with coffee;

– my fondness/frustrations/attempts/failures/success in

trying to achieve a fit and healthier version of me;

 – food love;

– product reviews;

– my hobbies / interests; and

– some more random whatnots.



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