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It took me days to decide on what my first post would be (haha). Truth is, I was torn between making a painstaking introduction of myself and, well, not making one at all.

For the first few days, all I could think of was “blah” and “zilch” but then the thought hit me hard right under my slightly masculine-featured jaw, “Is that really how I see myself? Blah? Zilch?

For a moment I felt incredibly silly that I could not even squeeze anything out of my coconuts, anything to help me write a short life account about myself.

Minor paranoia kicks in and automatically presses the fast-forward button located right on the ingenious side of my brain – the visuals produced say that my blogging ambition is doomed to failure JUST BECAUSE I couldn’t write anything ABOUT ME. Oh, boy.

My hands and feet started to get a bit damp and cold. My already low-tolerance for the cold weather exacerbates as I alone am dousing in this air-conditioned room, no warm-blooded comrades to share the cold with; my breathing, heavy. This is me exaggerating my frustrations of creating a Blog introduction. All I could think of at the moment was to pacify the anxiety. What could be the problem? That, I was about to discover.

As I grabbed the coffee cup that I regularly use at work (it’s overly designed with cutie prints, i.e. hearts, strawberries, and shockingly ginormous flower doodles – yes, it’s so not me nor is the cup mine, no offense) I gestured for a gulp and eventually see this rather scandalous and dreadful sight – the porcelain bottom of it. I WAS PRACTICALLY OUT OF COFFEE. *tihee

(For a moment, please. A good coffee needs a good ol’ love and stirring.)


So, again I went through the first few paragraphs of this piece of writing after a few good sip of coffee, after which reminded me to take this opportunity to articulate my apologies for such exaggeration, it is just how I am without the coffee, I guess.


Bonz is the name by which I would love to be called (no offense to my dear parents, I love you both more than my real name, hehe). I give value and am thankful for the fact that I matter to a lot of people who matter and are dear to me. I do listen to the opinion of others about me. I listen (‘coz I believe that people have the right to their own opinions, other than the fact that I should be more than thankful for having ears that can actually hear!) but that doesn’t necessarily mean I would have to agree with everything that they have to say. I listen to pick up the good and pick out the bad. I may get discouraged sometimes but I got these special glues that keep me from falling and losing heart, they’re called “friends” and “encouragement”. I guess we are all original in our own ways but for sure we wouldn’t be who we are today without the involvement of the people around us. The fragments that make up who I am are: my individuality, my family, my friends, loved ones, my dreams, coffee beans and the Perfecter of my very being, that is, Jesus Christ. One thing’s for sure, I believe that I am who He tells me that I am – blessed, favored, and loved.

So… about that life introduction. Let’s start, shall we?


(credits to my coffee buddy Nathalie for this authentic photo of me)

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