Pediatric Tui Na Massage for my Son’s Cough Relief

*Yawn. Yesterday was a very long day and I felt like I needed to get a really good sleep but, ironically, I slept too late last night at around 2:00 a.m. Bit sleepy today.

But yeah, what kept me up was a sort of an inay alert and I bet no mom could sleep with the sound of their kid coughing badly. Whooping or croup, whatever they call it, I dared not let it rob my boy of a good sleep.

As few of you already know, I couldn’t really stand the thought of conventional medicines let alone bombarding my son’s body with such antibiotics and drug-whatnots. I’m telling you, he’s already been there and really, I know better now. In my 5 years experience of being a mom, I have learned things the hard way and my personal experiences have also caused me good in terms of wise options as far as attending to my son’s well-being. And more often than not, having to opt for OTC meds for my kid just doesn’t feel SAFE. And just because I strongly believe in the difference between the following:

Between Naturopathic Treatments and the Conventional Medications:

  • Conventional Medicine is actually designed to treat the symptoms of the illness alone with the use drug prescriptions. And consequently, you are prompted to use it on a long-term which means more drugs you put in your body. In the long run, your body is more likely to pay for its side effects since these are drugs we’re dealing with. You are only bettering the symptoms but really not addressing the illness itself.
  • Naturophatic approach to treatment, for the win, attacks the root cause of the disease itself and normally encourages the body’s natural healing abilities through healthy lifestyle, effective natural therapy, proper and healthy nourishment of the body, and illness preventive measures.

This is my choice as a mom but this doesn’t mean I am neglecting my son of a good treatment. No. In such cases, I always opt for the natural remedy FIRST and I really believe that such naturophatic approach really does work wonders and even better than the conventional medicines. Again, this is my opinion.

Okay, so back to late last night…

Bori was coughing very badly. He was really trying to get a good sleep but the interval of his coughs just wouldn’t let him.

So I decided to give him a couple of Pediatric Tui Na Massages for the second time since I already gave him one in 2013 when he had a really bad cough and it worked for him. Now, this is a Chinese pediatric massage which has been around for over three thousand years now. I thought, it wouldn’t be around that long if it didn’t really work now would it? According to Tui Na experts, Pediatric Tui Na Massages works by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself and is considered as a versatile and powerful massage for babies and kids to boost immunity.

I had nothing to lose since at the moment I only had Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey in the cupboard to relieve my son from cough.

I got the techniques from this link which I was able to view for free back then but now you’ll be needing to subscribe via email first to watch one of the featured techniques of the six. Since I have watched it before, I remembered 3 steps which came useful last night for relieving my Bori from cough:

Be sure to use some oil, lotion or talcum powder so you won’t put too much friction on the kid’s skin.

1. Line Pressing on the Ring Finger

As stated here in the photo from, start pressing just about gently but rapidly from the line of the ring finger and press out towards the tip. Lift and repeat for 200-300 times. This helps clear the lungs.

2. Pushing Apart

For this one, I’m not sure if this is really how it was done in the video (since I last saw it was 2013) but did research about Tui Na and yes, they do this “Push Apart” technique for the chest, too. Starting with your thumbs at the center of the chest, gently but rapidly push them apart. Work your way around the chest area and repeat for 200-300 times. I believe this has helped in relieving my kid from chest tightness.

3. Tuina “Back Roll” Massage

Now, this is technique alone is what’s being featured in the video I linked above, the Tuina “Back Roll” Massage. Now the secret to it is to focus on massaging the upper back by gently pinching and pulling the paraspinal muscles (muscles located next to the spine) with the use of your thumb and index from the base of the spine up to the neck. This helps stimulate all the acupuncture points for the lungs and chest of the patient, in my case, Bori’s. Do this step for 200-300 times in rapid succession with your gentle mom’s (or dad’s) hands. It is advised that you do this for at least 2 to 3 times a day.

Last night when I gave one session a go along with a prayer for healing for my Bori, boy, was I relieved! It got him through the night. It’s really amazing how God has designed our bodies to heal and really just stimulate and encourage it to do so, in ways such as these passionate healing massages. And just to sum up what was last night, I still believe in the power of healing in the mighty name of Jesus, for by His stripes, we have been healed. It is by acknowledging His love for us which He showed on the cross that we experience the power of His love in our lives such as healing. I myself am in a process of healing and I know by now that He shall fulfill what He has promised, whatever we ask in his name for our good.

So yeah, In case you’re having the same experience with your kid or any family member, there’s really no harm in giving it a try. You just have to calm yourself and your baby first, assist him/her in a few slow deep breaths to relax the child and give it a go. Give the kid lots of water to keep him/her hydrated, too. There’s a lot about Tui Na Massages on the net and if you’re looking for some guide then you can also check this link out.

Let me know!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. My 3 year old fell asleep in 2 minutes after I massaged both her ring fingers alone. Thank you and more blessings!

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