A Piece of Sky: Tagaytay Sky Ranch  

Well, this seems (3 months) overdue. LOL. Seriously, I forgot to blog about this but really I was gonna. Got so high! Err, no, didn’t get dope high just to get everything straight here. Literally got onto sky-scraping rides at Tagaytay Sky Ranch last February of this year. I had so much fun, especially when it’s been a trip to the clouds with my Spaceworm buddies, Ana (Nathalie) and Maya (Mae). Plus we had with us, EJ and Melvin, and Ana’s amazing kiddo, Francine).


we be like riding like the sun LOL

We purchased our ride-all-you-can pass at Mertodeal for only 310php/person. The tickets are valid for 13 rides: Sky Eye, Super Viking, Nessi Coaster, Express Train, Red Baron, Wonderflight, Carousel, Flying Bus, MiniViking, Snail Attack, Sky Cruiser, Top Dancer, and Jump Around, excluding the one­-time entrance fee of Php100 per head, to be paid prior entry at the place.


Anywho, on how we called it a day to remember, I’ll leave you with a couple of captioned photos from here. Enjoy!


Spaceworms just got pass the entrance!


Yish naman!


Initially, we rode a mini tour bus called the Express Train. ‘Twas nice seeing the whole vicinity. 🙂


Then, we rode the Nessi Coaster.


We didn’t really mind Ana having a mom-and-daughter bonding with Frankikay. They were cute enough together. And so during most of the trip I faced great heights with this gal next to my seat. Hehehe. Nice one, Maya.


We ate here at a duo-resto which was located in front of the Sky Ranch, Red Engine / Down Town.


With the hungry crowd. 🙂


I got this: hot chick burger. Nomnom!


We had a short walk after. We wouldn’t want to be throwing up during rides, would we?


Then, the Carousel. This may seem harmless, but oh-hoho, no. Got a major headache going on right after. They seem to like it. I didn’t dare go for a second ride.


Alas, the Sky Eye.

Got some majoy vertigo-ish feeling about this view.

Got some majoy vertigo-ish feeling about this view.DSC03531

Way… too… slow. Way too high. We got a good view of the Taal Volcano, though.


And then this Crazy bus.


with this crazy crowd.


Then, we went for the Sky Cruiser.


Spaceworms on high! LOL


It was awesome as we pedal our way around its highly elevated track.


Great view we have up here.

Then, this one they rode on, the Wonder Flight. It seems to me that I wouldn't like any ride that goes around sideways. Looks really cute, though.

Then, this one they rode on, the Wonder Flight. It seems to me that I wouldn’t like any ride that goes around sideways. Looks really cute, though.


Credits to Ana for this photo. 🙂 Us taking a break from all the rides, sitting on artificial grass.


which was my kind of Chill pill.


and a real breath-taking view we had of the sky.


And so finally I had the guts to decide on riding this one. The Super Viking.


Just look at this monster. I could still feel it in my tummy how it felt. Ugh.


Those smiles went out the window right after the very first swing of the viking. I swore in this lifetime that it’d be the last time that I’m gonna ride that thing. One of the craziest thing I ever did since I really have this sorta fear of heights.


Then after those intense rides have sucked all the human strength out of our bods, we chilled. Well, for the little one, she couldn’t help but doze off. Cutest thing ever.


And just as we rode home, the sky was really warm enough to bade us goodbye with this off-focused yet beautiful “so long, see you soon” real-life panorama. It’s been a good day with good good friends. I say, I just had a very dainty piece of the sky that day.

There, I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip! Summer’s still up, get your piece while it still lasts and, if you can, do let me know if you enjoyed it, too.

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