Unshaken (Earthquake Aftermath)

I wrote this one on April 8, 2017 (9:09pm), same day after a magnitude 5+ earthquake had hit the city, twice. It was really bad. Sometimes, fear can really cripple our hearts and spirits, such as times like these. But we gotta step out of faith amidst the lurking fear, and finally realize that God is greater than all our fears.

Tara, let’s sing a song of praise para kay God, acknowledge God’s perfect Love to melt the fears away.

Unshaken (Earthquake Aftermath)
Music/Lyrics: Bonzai Melo (9:09P/04-08-17)

As the ground shakes under my feet
I will praise You, I’ll still praise You
As it grumbles to steal my peace
I rejoice because you are near
I will praise You, Lord, I will still praise You

And I will not be shaken
Jesus, You are my foundation
you carry the world in the palm of your hand
in your promise I’ll faithfully stand

And I will not be shaken
Jesus, You are my foundation
even the mountains they bow at your feet
greater are you who lives in me

I’ll be still, I will praise you
I will praise you, Lord, i will still praise you
I will praise you

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