Facing the Primitive: 30-day Caveman Regimen Journey

“So you haven’t washed your face with anything? Even with water? I thought you said you’re going to use water?” asks one of my coffee/office buddy for like the third time during a single conversation.

Yes. No water either.

I’ve been reading about this facial (non)routine for quite some time now (usually tons from The Love Vitamin) ever since my mishap with acne began again due to my own recklessness. I never had that much of a problem with acne after I got over it in college but now I have messed it up again just a month ago due to one wrong dumb move – misuse/abuse of natural topical treatments. As I’ve said, everything in excess is bad, doesn’t matter if it’s natural or chemical. It’s always best and smart to try on moderate first. And still, I dare not opt for medicated ones since I really don’t want to be aggravating or causing more flare ups on my face. It’s my choice and I tend to stick with it however some of you might disagree. Sorry but not sorry.

However, I feel like this acne has been messing up not only my skin but my life as well for the past month.

I have my reasons for braving this regimen and they are as follows:

#1. I have messed up my face pretty badly with baking soda. I have upset my face’s acid mantle (the one that protects our face by nature from bacteria and other acne-causing stuffs) causing an imbalance in its natural PH level – that’s why it’s flared up and now I have to deal with the consequences. I’ve been learning the hard way lately about my fondness for natural treatments and one thing I feel responsible telling you readers is “too much of anything is bad.” By this, i meant that baking soda is not bad. It’s bad when you use it the wrong way.

#2. After baking soda, I’ve tried other natural topical treatments, and seems that my face has been rejecting them, too!

#3. I have skin compulsions. I pick and pop whatever I see on my face that I don’t like.

#4. My face is telling me that it’s had enough of makeup. Even the only makeup (Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream) that I’ve been using for 3+ long years is also being rejected by my skin. I put on some and the next thing you know I’m having these multi-micro-zits and some really “noticeable” pimples, which was pretty unusual, I’ll leave it to your imagination. I am now torn between covering them up or letting my face heal without any coverage! I’m left with no choice.

#5. I want to experience a non-hassle carefree skin. I’ve been reading from those who’ve done the regimen before that it really pays off since all you are promoting to yourself is to love you as you are, even without makeup. And that includes BB creams. Yikes. Majority of women find their comfort and security behind makeups, I stand guilty. But that’s the 30-day challenge and for me there’s no turning back, I guess. EXCEPT for an organic tinted lip balm and a DIY activated charcoal eyeliner, pretty puh-lease.

#6. To see if it really is worth the cut back from the budget since I will not be needing/buying my usual skin care products.

I’m on my 4th day today. I’m making some major actions to help boost my current low self-esteem (boohoo) by, well, writing my heart out here and practicing the art of not giving a bleep. It’s just sad to think that more often than not the norms of this society cultivate the wrong idea to people that women with makeup are way more beautiful and acceptable to their eyes.

Plus, I work at an office environment where I would probably be talking face to face with different people socially/professionally EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yikes. But it’d just be for 30 days. I’ts not going to be that long, right? I heard it would get worse before it gets better but right now I just couldn’t help but…


To be honest, it’s harder than I imagined it would be but hopefully I can pull this primitive ritual off. BTW, I “plan” on posting photos every week since this would be a 30-day journey.

So there. Another rant, er, brew for the win. Wish me well, brewers!


After that attempt to a hardcore no-makeup-no-nothing-whatsoever on my face 3 months ago, things didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get to post weekly updates either.

I therefore conclude two things: 1) the regimen was really not for me considering my everyday lifestyle since I havta go out of the house for work 5 days a week; although, I lasted for 2 whole months before I literally looked like a cave woman; and 2) I discovered that acne wasn’t something that I had to deal with topically (or the lack thereof).

If you want to know more then check my blog on WHY I HAD TO DO MAKEUP AGAIN ALL OF A SUDDEN.

To be honest, it really wasn’t that bad of an experience because, hey, I still tried, right?


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    • still getting a good ol’ full bath, dude. I still get my hair clean and stuff, just gotta avoid the shower from getting onto my face. 🙂

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