Summer Family Outing at Isola Vista

This 2016, I spent my very first summer outing with the Melo Clan at Isola Vista Beach Resort in Pagkilatan, Batangas City. The trip was sponsored by my husband’s balikbayan aunt (Thanks, Tita Rose ) save for the entrance fee we paid for ourselves, which was fair enough. That being said, I won’t be going over the details regarding the fees, expenditures and whatnots, just the pure experience. They made reservations for an overnight stay (4pm-8am) with two nipa huts, 1 large open cottage and a grilling area, just enough to suffice 20+ of us.


The Nipa Huts (photo courtesy of Isola Vista FB page)

3 Infinity Pools: 7ft, 3ft and 6ft. (photo courtesy of Isola Vista FB Page)

3 Infinity Pools: 7ft, 3ft and 6ft. (photo courtesy of Isola Vista FB Page)


There’s my Bori with this awesome overlooking view of the venue and what’s beyond it. You can see at this moment, the tide was sorta low but there’s a point in a day where the tide gets high and the waves bowl over the pool divisions. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the majestic view but it was truly spectacular.


I took this breath-taking view. BTW, the pools are constantly filled with saltwater derived from the sea itself, thus the name, Infinity Pool.


One of my favorites from the photos I took is this tree on a tiny headland along the resort’s coastline during a low tide. Kind of reminds me of the Moses’ encounter with the burning bush in Mount Sinai.


Here’s a snapshot of some of our gorgeous Melo gang…

Another awesome crowd of Melo Family beside the pool...

Another awesome crowd of Melo Family beside the pool…

more by the falls...

more by the falls… the open cottage...

…by the open cottage…

...and by the grilling area.

…and by the grilling area.


Some of my favorite moments: by the pool near the coastline with my boy…

...with my beautiful mother-in-law, Inay Gina...

…with my beautiful mother-in-law, Inay Gina…


…me under the man-made falls…


…and this shot with my husband while we’re tracking the tiny headland at sunrise.


To sum it all up, I truly enjoyed it here at Isola Vista. It’s a must-see paradise this summer. 



Always remember that wherever life takes you, it’s the gratitude attitude that makes every experience worth the while. Salamat po!


6 thoughts on “Summer Family Outing at Isola Vista

  1. Hi,
    Any tips on the drive going to Isola Vista? We’d be coming from Quezon City. Are there terrains or mostly just plain roads?

    • Hi! We got there via jeepney. Yeah mostly plain roads, gets a little steep here and there but nothing you can’t handle I’m sure. I recommend getting in touch with them via FB, I wouldn’t want you guys to get lost because of me, I’m terrible at giving directions, hehe. Here’s their link Wishing you guys a great vacay. 🙂

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