God, Paper Boats and I

You’re more than just paper.
You’re a paper boat.
I never designed you to sink.
I designed you to float.
Waves may tower;
Beneath unknown.
But do not cower,
Don’t paddle on your own.
Set your eyes upon me,
Be still and keep afloat,
Never will I leave you,
You’ll never be alone.
When waters do erode you,
Know that I am your home.
And you shall stride on water,
everlastingly, it flows.
– Bonzai Melo

Lesson: Our faith in God is much like paper boats.

All of us know that this paper-thin-spanned journey will eventually erode in time, whereas time is water and life, paper. Reality tells us that we’re no more than just frail papers submerged in water, that we’re merely people who could only exist and would then cease to in due time. But then God tells us otherwise. He so loved us that He’s able to transform us through Jesus Christ who is our every fold, into boats, that we may endure life on earth victoriously. By the Lord Jesus’ finished work on the cross, God is very much confident that when we are placed above water, we will remain afloat. And so we must continue to put our faith in Him who makes paper boats float above waters.



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