For a Little While, Perhaps

Don’t. Don’t lose it.
 No matter what.
 Keep her submerged.
 She cannot surface.

Don’t. No matter how their eyes scorch you.
 Keep her face buried.
 Hide her from any time and space.
 She cannot exist.

Don’t. No matter how they make you cringe.
 Keep her hands tied.
 Strangle her disgust with numbness.
 She must hurt no one.

Don’t. No matter what the whispers tell you.
 Keep her jaws shut.
 Suppress the words she’s been dying to vomit.
 She must not utter a word.

Don’t. Just don’t.
 Incarcerate her inside your skin.
 She’s a side dying to be you.
 She must not escape.

Well… for a little while, perhaps.

I said don’t! …Now look at her.
 She stares, freely, blankly, back at you.
 Surfaced, brutal, deafening, unfastened.
 Suit yourself. I’m out of here.

– Bonzai Melo©bonzai sign

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