bonsleepYep. Setbacks of having way too much coffee. It’s a complicated relationship, coffee and I. Really.

Anyways, below is one of my caffeinated thoughts that I wrote just today.


You stained me

Once pale lips dyed noir

Wallowing in profound wakefulness

No, the softest cradle cannot do


You stained me

Eyelids shut, slumbered stiff

Wide awake in transcending dream

You lurk, alive inside me


You stained me

Bittersweet mouth of sleeplessness

A dose of toss and turn

Mercy comes at 2 in the morning


You stained me

It taught me well

So well I learned to wash you off

Now, only a whiff of you lingers


You stained me

I am beginning to forget

Alas, I cut you out, forgive me

My body forbids me


You stained me


The sweetest slumber is without you

Sweetest irony.

Bonzai Melo

Lesson: Uh. Try to keep your caffeine intake at least until 3 o’clock in the afternoon; and moderately (notice I had to bold the word “at least”; so it’s still kind of your call at the end of day. Suit yourself).

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