Thank God for Brain Bents

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This might just be it for you. They say that if you follow your brain bent, odds are the happier, healthier and probably wealthier you’re gonna be in life. What’s a brain bent, you say? Continue reading


My 2-Month Ovo-Pescetarian Diet Experience

You are what you eat, they say. Just like making love, your intimate relationship with food is as important since the stuffs you choose to consume enters and becomes a part of your body one way or another.

Luckily, I am the kind who really loves to explore when it comes to food. From June up until the mid of August, I tried a very challenging kind of diet, the Ovo-Pescetarian way. What that is, I’ll tell you in a while. Just read on and try to be a little patient. 🙂

Trying out this diet, I basically had two (2) reasons: Continue reading


Acrylic Painting: Earth in Frolic (Original)

That moment when nature beholds you as its lone spectator and effortlessly puts you in a trance as you witness the teasing maneuvers of the sky, the concoction of the pale and vivid garments of earth, and the manifestation of life in such stillness – that is then that your heart is a captive of the Earth in its frolic. – Bonzai Melo©

Earth in Frolic by Bonzai Melo

In trance for the past few hours doing this, I call it “Earth in Frolic”. I first sought for some techniques on Youtube, then I made this original concept. I’m not really good with blending colors so this was the best that I could do for now. More practice.


 Acrylic painting has become a breather for me lately. I could like just paint for a whole day. Younger, I was never really good at coloring when it comes to art. Maybe I wasn’t really that patient then than I am now because painting requires a lot of it. That, I can say, is a new self-discovery which is kinda cool. 😉

Anyways, I’ll be posting some more of my works here. I’ll keep you posted, brewers!

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3rd Placer: Women’s Month Song Writing Contest

In celebration of Women’s month, the Batangas State University held its very first campus-wide Song Writing Contest exclusively for its students and employees last March of this year. The activity was facilitated by the University extensionists who did such great jobs on this one! I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try so I submitted a…
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