Acrylic Painting: Earth in Frolic (Original)

That moment when nature beholds you as its lone spectator and effortlessly puts you in a trance as you witness the teasing maneuvers of the sky, the concoction of the pale and vivid garments of earth, and the manifestation of life in such stillness – that is then that your heart is a captive of the Earth in its frolic. – Bonzai Melo©

Earth in Frolic by Bonzai Melo

In trance for the past few hours doing this, I call it “Earth in Frolic”. I first sought for some techniques on Youtube, then I made this original concept. I’m not really good with blending colors so this was the best that I could do for now. More practice.


 Acrylic painting has become a breather for me lately. I could like just paint for a whole day. Younger, I was never really good at coloring when it comes to art. Maybe I wasn’t really that patient then than I am now because painting requires a lot of it. That, I can say, is a new self-discovery which is kinda cool. 😉

Anyways, I’ll be posting some more of my works here. I’ll keep you posted, brewers!

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