To Love is Best During the Worst of Times

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No matter how much we think we already know, a lifetime’s still not enough for us to discover everything that’s underneath, above and beyond us. Would a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth know what it’s like to toil under the sun? Same as would the poor ever know the emptiness of someone who already has everything but still longs for genuine happiness that no money could ever buy? Point is, everyone has their own struggle, it only varies according to what state in life each one’s been brought up in.

We’ve been in an endless pursuit of seeking equality among our different views for too long. People won’t always agree with one another – heck, we barely do.  We take offense at each other,  and sometimes, things just even get worse as we tend to fan the flame rather than to put it out.

I think it’s about time that we should know better than to fight over the things that will never be the same as the other.

We are diverse, that is what we are and maybe the only thing that is constant about us.

There can never be a perfect and resolute judgement about what other people may think is right but for the others is wrong. That being said, right will never be on a par with wrong. I don’t think we can ever demand kinship between these two aspects. All we can do is to reconcile, compromise, and empathize with each other as one in the same race – as humans. It would certainly make the world a little better and I’m sure all of us would want that.

But don’t get me wrong, I am no better than you are; I’ve wronged quite a few people, too, and they me. I am not the best forgiver in the world. Even I agree that forgiveness – especially when it is not asked – is not the easiest thing in the world, but sometimes, it’s just the only way to free us from our destructively angry selves.

So we must forgive to find inner peace.

Personally, I believe that LOVE, in God’s and not the world’s bitter definition, can conquer all our differences. I believe when He says that “His love endures forever” regardless of how the world may say “walang forever“.

To love one another is the least we could do for the One – Jesus Christ – who loved us first that even while we were still sinners, He died for US – that means me and you.

Yep, YOU.

It really doesn’t matter whether you like the idea or not, and there’s really nothing that you can or cannot do to change that fact because it’s already a done deal.

All God wants you to know is that HE LOVES YOU DESPITE OF WHO YOU ARE and that kind of love is enough to transform you into the best person that you can be.

He’s already paid the price just because He wants the best life for us, not only in the afterlife but in this life as well. And I think that makes one of us no better than the other. We all fell short. But still we are blessed because He loves us in spite of who we are or whatever skeletons we hide in our closets.

Perhaps, that’s the kind of love that needs to go around more often. Maybe it would be enough to stop a threatening war, or a conflict that has been going on for ages. But I could only hope so since I really don’t know what the future holds.

All I can do is put my hope in the Lord and His promise that His love shall always endure even at the worst of times.

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