2016 Goal: Size 26

Early this year, I wrote down some of the things that I want to accomplish/realize: my 2016 goals.

Human that I am, I seem to have neglected again my aim of keeping a fit life, thus, I’ve included in the list something that’s in favor of my health and wellness. I used to wear jeans that’s a size 26 just a few years ago while I weighed around 58-59-ish kgs, but today, I’m up to a size 28 and weigh 65 kgs, a little more than I should for my height. I lost the running shoes I just bought last year (where in the world are you?), which made it even harder for me to get back up and do some running or something like that. Plus I feel like I don’t have the same energy that I had a few years back, which, more often than not, gets me to thinking that I may be getting a bit too old for this stuff – but then I know that it shouldn’t be an excuse.

I may just have lost the motivation that I once had years ago and might just need a bit of a push. Speaking of push, I bought a new pair yesterday with these specs:


I was aiming for something yellow but this one caught my attention because of its dainty petal/floral prints (regardless of its purple color, I figured it was kinda okay when I tried it on). I was surprised to discover it’s on sale, from its original price of Php 1,600 down to Php 600 only, that’s roughly around 62.5% OFF (uh, a little help from mathematicians out there, I hope I got that right). I was like, “seriously?” Talk about good deals, eh?

I can hardly imagine how things are gonna turn out for such an incredible goal. Good thing this year, I’ve learnt through a good and selfless gospel that we must challenge our faith in God to see how much we trust that He is ABLE to fulfill our greatest, seemingly impossible goals in life. If we seem bored about what we’ve set for ourselves or have the kind of goals that seem already humanly possible, then we’re not really giving Him a chance to show us whatever amazing things He can do for us.

That being said, the challenge is to set goals that can send chills down the spine, something that you yourself won’t be able to pull off alone – something like a size 26, so help me God.

Update: 12/24/16

So, a coupla more days and 2016’s almost over. I definitely didn’t hit my goal *boohoo. But I made few efforts to get some weight off of me. I tried but, hehe, right now this one would go down on my list of ” PROBABLY NOT IN 2016, BONZ”. It’s been a roller coaster ride tryin’ to pull this goal off, but yeah, I still got 2017, thank you, Lord. 🙂

bonzai sign

4 thoughts on “2016 Goal: Size 26

  1. Ooh, nice kicks! And you got a great deal on them too! Apir! 😀

    So… when do we start running again? I have a 5k run on the 9th and I haven’t trained/practiced yet at this late time. Yikes!

  2. Got mine on sale too! But it was so big by half an inch so I gave it to my sister, good thing she has bigger feet than mine. 😀 But I just used it once :/ I felt guilty though.

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