4-Month Workout Commitment at Home (T25 after Charts)

It has been 4 months since I started working out at home, without the aid of commercial gyms and other workout equipment, except for a 5lbs. dumbbell.

More or less in the mid of the 4 months, I decided to try this T25 craze by Shaun T (saw it from multiple posts by random members of the No Excuse Moms Page in FB).

I was convinced that no person doesn’t have 25 minutes to spare if s/he wants to achieve something in order to better their own health (or for whatever other reasons).

The T25 program is intentionally divided into 3 cycles: Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  As one progresses with the cycles, you may notice that you yourself are gradually becoming stronger and faster with the routine, thus, you get better with the phasing and catching up every time you do it. The thing is, you really have to bear with the first few days. You may think that you can’t do it all throughout the program, but the truth is, all it takes is your commitment to achieve change for a better health and a sound mind.

Remember, there’s no magic pill or the best diet or workout routine, the ones we thought that say they’re the easiest way out to a slim fit bod could do harm or cause fallback to our health in the long run. In my opinion, the best commitment you can make (apart from the Lord Jesus) is the one we make with ourselves. Don’t stress yourself with putting up with one big major list of restraints already (or the Don’t Eat list, such as “STOP SODAS and JUNK FOOD tomorrow ONCE AND FOR ALL” when you know you might just binge after a monstrous craving. Rather, build yourself up initially with small feasible commitments of Do’s, such as “drink more water today than the usual 4 glasses” or “try to take at least 3-4 fruits a week” if you’re not used to this kind of stuff.

A personal example is when I started to commit with taking at least 1 glass of water initially in the morning right after waking up. It wasn’t easy at first, I was almost to throw up, but today I couldn’t do without taking 3-4 glasses of water first in the morning before I eat anything.

These small commitments may bring gradual change, but these could also build a strong foundation of change for you, not those superficial “I WON’Ts”.

Finally, here’s a workout progress photo of me from day 1 at home starting from plain charts to T25 Alpha and Beta.

4 month progress

I know I’m still far from what I want to achieve (as per size, strength and agility) but I am glad that I am also a bit far-off where I started.

On Monday I’ll be starting with Gamma! Hope you start your own journey soon! Until next time!

– Bonzai Melo

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