Thank God for Brain Bents


This might just be it for you. They say that if you follow your brain bent, odds are the happier, healthier and probably wealthier you’re gonna be in life. What’s a brain bent, you say?

I first read about brain bents in an article on Health and Home Magazine and it was a good read, more like an epiphany, that I became more ardent to know about it. So I did my research and found out more interesting facts about it online. And then I discovered about Dr. Arlene R. Taylor who’s a brain specialist, speaker and author of the Book “Your Brain has a Bent not a Dentand I’m aching for this book right now. She’s just mind blowing.

“So what then is a brain bent?”

Right, my bad. Well, put it simply as your brain’s strongest element that can unleash your greatest potential.

As dear Dr. Taylor likes to put it, our brain has four cerebral divisions and each has its particular function to help us do things. She tells us further that a quarter of the human brain has a “slight energy advantage” over the other three divisions. This is probably why some people are considered as left-brained and some are right-brained.

Sad reality is that a lot of us tend to put up with a kind of work that may be materially or financially rewarding but could also be killing us –  slowly and literally – without us knowing. It may sound like I’m exaggerating, but no. When you follow your bent, your brain is less likely to use energy and thus you are likely to save more of it for your body. On the contrary, when you’re performing an activity or work that isn’t aligned with your mind’s bent, you’ll be spending more energy and probably put strain to your brain causing mental stress and fatigue. Don’t celebrate just yet. Since the mind and body are allies, darn right it shares the same energy.

So in a nutshell, not being able to follow your bent would probably cut your years shorter than when you choose to follow your brain bent.

Sounds alarming, right? If you wanna get to know your bent and probably get to live longer, here’s the simplest set of equations that I could help you with:

# 1. If it’s:

Something you’re good at


in itself is mentally/physically stressful for you

= not your brain bent. It’s probably just a job you need.


# 2. If it’s:

An activity you find appealing


but in reality you suck at doing it

= may not be your bent, either. Frustrations could be the word for it.


# 3. If it’s:

Something you’ve been good at for a long time


You find it very easy and enjoyable to do


In itself is not stressful in any way for you

= why, hello there, bent!


Wow. Imagine if you could align the rest of your life with your bent, against all possible odds. It could be that the demand of work aligned to your bent may be very tiny but God bless, sometimes you just have to take some risks, right? You got this one life and that means you got one shot, too. It’s either you’re livinh to work yourself to death or as Confucius would like to put it, you “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Lastly, I love to share with you this quote by Dr. Taylor herself from

“The Amplified Bible translates Proverbs 22:6 from the Hebrew like this… “Train up a child in the way he should go (and in keeping with his individual gift or bent) and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

 The book of Proverbs is part of the Hebrew Old Testament. According to Wikipedia, the earliest copies of parts of the Hebrew Old Testament were discovered in 1947. Part of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, they actually date back to the first century BC. This means that bent may be a very old word indeed. And in my brain’s opinion, every brain has a bent. That’s part of what makes each brain unique and interesting.” 

I strongly believe that ever since the beginning of time, God has already designed each of us in this lifetime for something extraordinary. Each of us is rare. Each unique. Each a destiny to conquer.

Well, brewers, I hope that you also feel like a ton of weight’s been lifted off your chest after learning about brain bents, just like how I felt the first time I read about it. It feels good to know that you don’t have to be the Jack of all trades all the freaking time – because God has designed a quarter of your mind to bring the best out of your potentials.

Quoted below’s from Dr. Taylor’s Your Brain has a Bent Video clip, this gave me an idea about which quarter of my brain is my best friend:

“The right frontal lobe is the ENVISIONING division that contains the sense of humor… intuition… it wants to innovate, it doesn’t want to do the same thing over and over again, it wants to paint a new picture, it wants to write a new piece of music, it wants to write a new poem, it wants to write a new book.”

Thank you, dear right frontal lobe of my brain.

After this realization, I decided to take action right away. I’m now doing part-time freelance writing, beginning with small projects. It’s not too much, I know, but I gotta say, I’ve never felt this good finally doing what I love. Hopefully in the long run, everything will pay off.

Have you figured your bent already? Love to have your thoughts on this one!

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