Intro to Self

It took me days to decide on what my first post would be (haha). Truth is, I was torn between making a painstaking introduction of myself and, well, not making one at all.

For the first few days, all I could think of was “blah” and “zilch” but then the thought hit me hard right under my slightly masculine-featured jaw, “Is that really how I see myself? Blah? Zilch?

For a moment I felt incredibly silly that I could not even squeeze anything out of my coconuts, anything to help me write a short life account about myself.

Minor paranoia kicks in and automatically presses the fast-forward button located right on the ingenious side of my brain – the visuals produced say that my blogging ambition is doomed to failure JUST BECAUSE I couldn’t write anything ABOUT ME. Oh, boy.

My hands and feet started to get a bit damp and cold. My already low-tolerance for the cold weather exacerbates as I alone am dousing in this air-conditioned room, no warm-blooded comrades to share the cold with; my breathing, heavy. This is me exaggerating my frustrations of creating a Blog introduction. All I could think of at the moment was to pacify the anxiety. What could be the problem? That, I was about to discover.

As I grabbed the coffee cup that I regularly use at work (it’s overly designed with cutie prints, i.e. hearts, strawberries, and shockingly ginormous flower doodles – yes, it’s so not me nor is the cup mine, no offense) I gestured for a gulp and eventually see this rather scandalous and dreadful sight – Continue reading