Earthly Treats: Intro to Turmeric feat. Banana-Cabbage Smoothies

Yesterday I had to skip work because I just wasn’t feeling well at all since last Saturday. I’ve been dealing with headaches and was nauseous all throughout the day and night that it actually had me throwing up a couple of times (which I suppose had something to do with me having my period). By far, I can say, it was the worst PMS symptoms I’ve ever had. All I needed was an ample amount of rest of the mind and body.

I am not a fan of pharma/drug medicines (not that I am against it) since I consider natural/herbal medicines as my second option to cure, and yes, you read that right, “second”; my first is God’s favor to heal by the stripes of our Lord, Jesus Christ, (Isaiah 53:5) which I figure is awesome.

So as muchos possible, I really try to avoid the use of pharma/drug meds also due to a personal conviction-in-progress to herbalism when it comes to cure.

It all started way back early 2012 when I went to my OB for a checkup due to (as far as I can remember) recurring UTI and was then diagnosed with a cyst in my right ovary. That time, I still had my extra weight on from post pregnancy. My OB told me that I had to take prescription meds (which I think were, uh, antibiotics?) and had to return for a follow-up in a few days to know the nature of the cyst (since she explained that some cysts are just physiological and/or are non-malignant).

It was paranoia that had me to do my own research about such health conditions, which also led me to natural alternative remedies. One that fascinated me the most was Turmeric and its natural power to fight health conditions such as cysts. So to cut the long story short, I ardently took Turmeric for a year (and yes, I missed that follow-up checkup, sorry!) and actually enjoyed other health benefits from it (I’ll be posting how I prep my Turmeric drink soon).

Late 2013, I went back to my OB to have myself checked. Man, how I prayed when I was in the waiting area! I prayed silently and claimed that Jesus Christ has already taken away my sickness as He promised. So when I was up, I refreshed my OB’s memory about the cyst she found a year ago. To my delight, no cysts were found this time! Yay!

I personally claim my healing as a miracle by the Grace of God, plus, I thank Him for the gift of nature, really. My friends can attest to how hyped I can become when it comes to herbal meds and organic stuffs.

Although, guilty as charged, I might have been taking my health for granted these past few months now (due to reasons which I cannot articulate for now *hint – stress) and have slightly or so missed my turmeric regimen. Well, back to basics I begin.

I didn’t have any turmeric at home since I ran out of stock already months ago so I had to make the most of what my slightly-nauseous self could find in the fridge the other day. Here’s what I had.

Banana-Cabbage Smoothies for le sore tummy. I prepped this last Sunday morning which did help me with my queasiness. Plus, not only is this good for the digestive system, in fact, you get a lot of extra health benefits from cabbage.


You’ll need:

1 medium sized Banana, ripe

1/2 head of medium Cabbage, raw green

1 cup of water (250 ml)

Sugar (optional since you already have the banana as a natural sweetener)



Cut the remaining stem from the cabbage to easily take the leaves apart then wash under running water. Cut the cabbage into small pieces or just enough to easily fit it in the blender. Peel the banana and cut it into pieces as well. First, blend the cabbage and 1 cup of water so you can be sure it’s blended enough in the process. Then, add the banana and blend until smooth. (I didn’t have to put sugar since the banana is already sweet). Place in the fridge for 20 minutes+. Makes 1-2 (glass) servings.

I loved its flavor and thick frothy/ice-creamy texture, which I think was due to the banana, which also made it sweet enough for me (since I am not that into sweet delis); a real feel-good treat.

So, there you have it. I look forward to posting more of my nature-inspired whatnots and I dunno but I hope this post may serve helpful to a lot of people, special mention to mums like me who need to keep up with a good health for so many everyday-reasons. Ciao for now!

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