My Bliss List Project

Have you ever had that one brain-draining slash energy-depleting slash tear-jerking day where everything just doesn’t seem to fall in place and instead they just keep on getting better at pissing you off, let alone bringing you down? *gasps

Dunno ‘bout you, but I have and have had enough of such life drama that I realized: I just wanna be awesome instead!

I realized that HAPPINESS is simply a choice – regardless whatever kind of stomach-cringing, nerve-wrecking and bomb-ticking situation is facing us.

Having the freewill to choose is one of the greatest perks of being human, don’t ya think? In any case, just don’t let your mind get fogged up by the idea that you can go on squandering around and not be accountable for the consequences of your own actions; it really doesn’t work that way. Take this as a piece of advice from your good ol’ Bonzy bud: Happiness is a CHOICE that’s been well thought of; and in case things don’t go as planned, it still cannot negate Happiness since the latter is a choice.

To keep things short, I listed down some of the simplest things I wanna fulfill to my joy’s extent, I call ‘em my Bliss List:

#1. That perfect coffee moment. Since my love for coffee is unrestricted. Go figure.

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#2. That perfect breakfast. Since all my friends know that I enjoy breakfast at its best! It’s something I savor because every morning is something to celebrate about.

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#3. Face my fears. Yikes! I’m sure this one will get me all pumped up ONCE I pull at least ONE of these off: Sharks, Cockroaches, Heights. Uh… I think I’d have to go with the last one on the list. This is where Deuteronomy 31:6 really comes in handy.

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#4. Indian Food. I realized that this has been on my list of ultimate cravings for too long now. I’m up for the real thing and shall be on hunt for an exotic/spicy challenge soon!

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#5. Write/record a good song. I have a lot of frustrations as a songwriter at this age. Seriously, I officially started writing songs since I was 12 and now have more than a dozen of unsung/unheard pieces inside an old chest (baul, haha).

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#6. Help a person. It is because you are happy that you help, and not that you help because you wanna be happy. Spreading the love will surely be something worth including to the list.

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#7. Do something good for the environment. Fell in love with nature during a humble profession as a Job Order Worker for an environmental department. I’ll opt for some possible options to make the world a greener place in next to no time.

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#8. Write a Story. This counts as one of my frustrations since I only got to write a few during my younger/college years. Heck, I’m going to write me a new world.

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#9. Fix something. When I was young, I got to be my dad’s apprentice in doing mechanical duties around the house: motorcycle repair/maintenance, replacing busted light bulbs, installing/setting-up/assembling newly bought electrical appliances, and the list of compulsory tasks go on; it did feel mandatory during those years. However, it enlivened my longing to secretly become a mechanic myself someday. It’s never too late!

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#10. Go the distance. I wanna be somewhere that’s not here naman in Batangas City, hehe. The farthest I’ve gone was in SG when I was still a toddler and that was it. I could barely remember anything. Some say that life is worth spending on travels and since I still haven’t been to the great many places within the country, I’m up for one great trip!


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So, there you go. Once I’m done with each, for the record I’m gonna write about it! Somehow, I know this’d give me that extra sense of accomplishment and a good read in rekindling the moments.

I do hope this gives you about a couple of ideas on how to kill your own frustrations. It really doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are, as long as you know that it’s worth spending your time (and resources, if need be). Just keep in mind that for as long as you have that genuine kind of joy in you, it will get you through anything!

Just remember to master how you can create happiness within yourself and let it reflect with whatever you have, rather than just depend your happiness based on what you have.

Lemme know if this helps! Stay happy!

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