DIY Hair Dye at Home

So, here’s a recap of my DIY Hair Dye experience at home. Truth is, I was planning to go to a salon but then I thought, “why not try it myself?” since I could also save a coupla thousand pesos worth of someone else’s service.

Product description: 

  • Brand: L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme
  • Color: (5.43) Golden Copper Brown
  • Price: P399 (mark down from P495)

IMG_0409What’s in the box: Instruction leaflet, Protective Serum, Colouring Creme, Developer, Conditioning Balm, 1 set of gloves, and Comb applicator.

4I had no salon gown at home so I made the most of what I had – such as this hopeless case of worn-out umbrella. Removed the damned thing from its metal skeletons, thought my way around it and cut a small portion from the top…

IMG_0413Voila! Just trying it on for size, it’s a darn hot summer afternoon, had to wear it only during the messy part.

IMG_0410My pre-colored hair. Kept it dry and a day unwashed so to keep a little of the natural oils on the scalp (I think it’s safer for the scalp that way). Notice the color difference of my hair’s roots and ends.

IMG_0415Had to comb through my complicated curly hair as preparation for colouring.

6This tube of serum here’s for extra-extra hair protection…

IMG_0420I emptied the whole thing on my hair,

IMG_0423especially on the driest portions.

9Next, the Colouring Creme and Developer.

10Empty the whole tube into the bottle of Developer and shake like you’re whacking the daylights out of someone. Just kidding, shake well but not too much. Then set aside.

IMG_0430Divided my hair into 8 sections via what came in handy at the moment – clothespin. Don’t judge me, it did work wonders.

IMG_0435Now comes the messy part. Make sure to put on some gloves and salon gown at this time. Apply the mixed coloring cream starting from the roots and work down the ends then allover. I didn’t use the comb applicator since I had a better plastic comb on hand.

IMG_0438Once done, I used the gown to cover my head with for 30 minutes.

14Spent my “waiting” moment wisely. Go figure.

IMG_044130 minutes down. Got into the shower with this Conditioning Balm. Instruction says I had to pour a little warm water on my hair and massage a little then rinse thoroughly with tap water, so I did. After, I applied the balm on my hair and let it for 2 minutes then rinsed.

IMG_0480Here’s the outcome. This is how my hair looks like in daylight under slight shade.

IMG_0482In direct sunlight. Whew. Now, there’s the color.


  • I liked that my hair still looked shiny.
  • I still got my perm intact. Yay.


  • I kinda suffered from a flaky scalp after two days but it went away after I finally used shampoo on the third day.
  • I didn’t really quite like the smell of the cream mixture, felt like my throat was slightly tightening to the chemical odor.


What more can I expect? I colored my own hair and all I can say is that I did a darn good job for having to put up with it. I’m happy with it! img_0342-3.jpg

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