Raising a Kindergartener: Pros and Cons

Just when you thought motherhood couldn’t get any tougher, kindergarten happens. It’s been a very challenging week ever since my boy started his kindergarten schooling at the same University where both my husband and I work (thank God, I got the last Kindergarten slot for Bori). For the past few days of having to look after…
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Because Supermoms Keep their Word

Being moms, it is our everyday pursuit to become more than just the average superheroes. However, technically we’d be dealing with great responsibilities rather than that of awesome super powers. Being supermom means exaggerating the living daylights of goodness within you. Yep, I am, to some extent, a supermom and i have this handsome toddler named “Rio ALexandrei” whom I most love to call “Bori”.

For a 3-year-old kiddo, Bori’s already very smart and witty and a heck of an animated young fellow. To top that fact, lemme post some of his pictures.


(you can click on the images for larger view)

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