God, Paper Boats and I

You’re more than just paper. You’re a paper boat. I never designed you to sink. I designed you to float. Waves may tower; Beneath unknown. But do not cower, Don’t paddle on your own. Set your eyes upon me, Be still and keep afloat, Never will I leave you, You’ll never be alone. When waters…
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Conquering Mountains

Our mountains represent the struggles we face in our everyday lives. It may be financial, relationships, health conditions and God knows what’s more. And each day, we climb up with sweat dripping down our foreheads as we toil under the heat of the sun – just as how the world taught us to do. If…
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How I Learned about God’s Promises and Why I Struggled to Write About It

NOTE: I am writing this to simply tell about God’s revelation of His grace and love in our lives as a family. I speak of this not out of self-confidence as some might assume. I speak out of my confidence in the power of God’s love. In such a spoilt world where there’s so much wretchedness…
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How Beautiful to Know (Original) by Bonzai Melo

A good day to give thanks to the Lord for nothing can separate us from His love that is through Jesus Christ.#worship #Jesus

“How Beautiful to Know©”
Music/Lyrics: Bonzai Atienza-Melo
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Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song

Finally, I got to post one of my bliss lists and from here it will be in no particular order! And it took this long, I know. Sorry. A lot has been going on for a while and I couldn’t really find time but what matters most is that I was still able to MAKE TIME for it, right? So, yeah. Without further ado, here goes Bliss List Project #5: Write/record a good song.

No Greater Love (Original)

This here is by far the clearest of my original songs that I’ve ever recorded – so far. It’s entitled No Greater Love, I wrote it in reference to Paul’s letter to the Philippians Chapter 4. Basically, it’s how we are able to endure anything at any circumstance in any point in life through the Lord Jesus Christ and His undying love for us.

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