Makeup Rev-brew: Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation

Since this write-up is all about a topical product/makeup, you may be wondering whatever happened to my Caveman Regimen experiment and WHY I HAD TO DO MAKEUP AGAIN ALL OF A SUDDEN. If you’re not, you can gladly skip this part and go to the NATURACTOR REVIEW.


After that attempt to a hardcore no-makeup-no-nothing-whatsoever on my face 3 months ago, I therefore conclude two things: 1) the regimen was really not for me considering my everyday lifestyle since I havta go out of the house for work 5 days a week; although, I lasted for 2 whole months before I literally looked like a cave woman; and 2) I discovered that acne wasn’t something that I had to deal with topically (or the lack thereof).

I figured that I wasn’t really addressing the root cause of the sudden acne breakouts I was having since March this year. I had a gut imbalance – there were way too many bad bacteria in my tummy than the good ones – due to an abusive relationship with food. I ate anything that wasn’t out of a good clean diet, thinking I could burn just about anything I eat through exercise – that was a total misconception. Since I was used to eating good stuffs and then suddenly shifted eating junkie food, my body responded in a way that could be heard. It didn’t like how I was treating it. It was a blessing in disguise though, I thought.

After trying my hardest to become an ovopescatarian (one who feeds on a variety of fruits, veggies, along with eggs and fish alone) for 2 months, a week and 5 days, today I can say that my skin is now doing fairly well albeit the scars that adult acne has left me with. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy, having more than a few slip-ups here and there of course, especially on special occasions where the food was too inviting and I was too weak to say no. Anywho, I’ll be posting more of my vegetarian experience soon. For now………….


Since I have been dealing with a case of really bad blemishes right now, the kind which my former BB creams couldn’t handle, I decided to try something different yet still as plainly safe as usual – Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation. The product name alone was very inviting since I needed some major blemish cover-up.

Naturactor’s ingredients are jojoba oil, mica, and Tocopherol which is vitamin E by the way. I decided to try it on since I deem it safe and I really had nothing to lose.

Of the 5 shades, I opted for 151 since it’s the darkest one available.

Before putting it on, I use Moring-O Malunggay Oil as my face moisturizer. It works wonders and is not at all greasy.

Actual Photos:


Bare-faced. This is the bravest that I could go with all the visible scars. Thanks to my boy Bori for making this shot a bit more, uh, interesting.

naturactor bonz

Under a fluorescent lighting, #151 still looks lighter than my skin tone, though it blends better throughout the day.

Still loving the Naturactor foundation under a natural indoor lighting.

Still loving the Naturactor foundation under a natural indoor lighting.



  • A little dab goes a long way
  • No heavy feel on the face
  • Doesn’t cake at all
  • Awesome coverage
  • Matte finish but gets dewy throughout the day (I like it that way, dunno about you guys)


  • Smell kinda reminds me of the old Chin Chun Su my lola used way back then.
  • Dry skin is kinda visible that’s why it’s best to use a moisturizer before applying it on face.
  • 151 Shade still looks a bit lighter than my skin tone but blends better once oxidation sets in.

Where to Purchase:

I was once a victim of fake online products, at least to the best of my ruling it was not the real thing. I just didn’t have the time and effort to complain about it. So, a piece of advice, if you want to be sure you are getting bona fide product such as the Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation online, try trusted shops such as, plus they have other Naturactor products in stock other than the foundation itself. Awesomeness. I highly recommend that you browse for more authentic makeup products at Zalora’s site.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

I really don’t have too much to complain about this product. I tend to use it in the long run or until the blemishes go away, I really don’t know, all I know is that I am so in love with it right now. <3

Have you tried this product already? Let me know your thoughts on this one!

bonzai sign 

2 thoughts on “Makeup Rev-brew: Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation

  1. Hmmm. The finish looks good, but I’m kinda bothered by the color mismatch, sorry. *peace* Maybe you could try topping it off with a light dusting of setting powder close to your natural skin color?

    • Was actually thinkin bout that too, dre. Although yun nga, nagooxidize sya after a moment, baka raw pag darker shade ang binili ko magmukhang darker ang face ko than my skin tone pagka nagoxidize naman, hehe. Yae mo dre, magpapaputi na lang ako ng onte (that’s the spirit!). LOL :3

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