My 2-Month Ovo-Pescetarian Diet Experience

You are what you eat, they say. Just like making love, your intimate relationship with food is as important since the stuffs you choose to consume enters and becomes a part of your body one way or another.

Luckily, I am the kind who really loves to explore when it comes to food. From June up until the mid of August, I tried a very challenging kind of diet, the Ovo-Pescetarian way. What that is, I‚Äôll tell you in a while. Just read on and try to be a little patient. ūüôā

Trying out this diet, I basically had two (2) reasons: Continue reading


Our 1st Fun Run: 5K Color Blast Fun Run 2014

Pardon me for¬†another throwback (May 2014). ūüôā My kind of running is sorta like a me-time for me. Wearing my¬†favorite kicks while pumped up¬†with a favorite playlist is enough to sustain a good cardio. However, I realized that I¬†have to get out of my¬†comfort zone from time to time and maybe do stuffs that I¬†might…
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Earthly Brew: Brown Vanilla Ice Cream

Want to have the goodness of ice cream without the moo? For those who are lactose intolerant, this will surely make¬†your day since it’s dairy-free! Whoever said you can’t have as much fun with ice cream¬†as anyone else? Introducing… Brown Vanilla Ice Cream!

brown vanilla ice cream

I’m really not lactose intolerant, but as muchos posibles¬†I shun myself from milk products. My reasons for not consuming cow’s (or any other animal’s) milk anymore? Coz’ It’s a free country and I can have my ice cream in whatever way I want it. *wink¬†

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Earthly Brew: Coco Choco Chewies

After making my very first attempt in baking cookies, it didn’t really felt a lot like cookies but I loved how it was kinda soft and chewy. The taste was two-thumbs up for me, too, though my workmates said it could do a little more sugar. I decided to call it Coco Choco Chewies, since…
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Earthly Brew: I must Hummus!

I’ve always wondered what this so-called “hummus” was and thought that it was just one of those expensive recipes on the market. I was surprised upon discovering that they¬†were basically just made from chickpeas and tahini (toasted sesame seed paste). I love chickpeas! Throwbacking, my dad used to cook to us the most delish Afritada…
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