Gugo Shampoo: My New Organic Shower Buddy

It took me a while to finally give up chemical shampoo and now I wonder why it took me this long to make this change! I gotta say, shampooing has never been this much fun since Gugo came along. So today, I’m gonna share to you how I now take care of my locks – naturally…
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Earthly Brew: Turmeric FTW!


Finally, I was able to take time and make this simple organic DOTD: Turmeric for the win!

Aside from getting a whole lot of health benefits from turmeric which I already told you from one of my blogs right here, you can actually prep up this spicy brew within just a few minutes or if you’re just getting a bit jaded with your everyday coffee.

Prepping this earthly love is really simple. Here’s how:

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Peanuts and Oats Milk Delight

Due to my excessive fascination to a blog site (which I discovered just recently) on healthy eating and lifestyle, Organicready.org, I decided to try one of its featured recipes, the “Oat and Almond Milk Recipe” just because it looked super delish. Unfortunately, it was a late night craving so I just had to make the most of what was…
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The Love Story of Nature and Me: When I met Turmeric

One thing you ought to know about me is that I am head over heels in love with everything that’s organic! Be it in cosmetics and food, you name it! It all started in the year 2012 when I decided to try a holistic approach to health after a daunting incident. Earlier that year, I…
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